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Best Practices for Finding Quality Contractors

Best Practices for Finding Quality Contractors

Landlords across the country can likely agree that finding a good, quality, contractor can be a tall order. Not that managing a home, and everything that goes along with that, aren’t enough. But, if you don’t have a contractor that is trustworthy, quality, and fair, then you are probably fighting an uphill battle when it comes to maintenance and turns. 

So, how do you find this “mythical unicorn?” Tarl Yarber wrote an article for Bigger Pockets, “How to Find (& Keep!) Good Contractors,” telling of various ways to do just that. Knowing what/where/when to look, arms landlords with much better odds of finding a more quality contractor, and thus avoiding one less headache. 

So once you’ve determined what makes a good contractor, Yarber gives two examples of how to find good contractors:

  1. Great contractors know great contractors - so ask for referrals

  2. Great investors know great contractors - so ask for referrals

Here are his tips for keeping those great contractors:

  1. Treat your contractor like a team member, not an adversary.

  2. Have reasonable expectations for your contractors.

  3. Have clear contracts.

After reading the full article (click here), you will be armed with the knowledge to get you started, and on your way to finding a great contractor.