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Investing 101: Knowing Real Estate/Investment Terms

Investing 101: Knowing Real Estate/Investment Terms

Seasoned investors know that the acquisition cost of a property is often justifiable if the ROI and the NOI allow for a positive cash flow, but they also take into consideration vacancy loss and cap rates among other factors; another purchase option is a 1031 exchange….wait, what? Are you lost, or intimidated by all of that jargon? Well sit tight, we’re here to help.

Part of fundamentally learning any new business, is having a grasp on the terminology used. Real estate investing is certainly no different. And seeing how there are typically large amounts of money being conveyed, there are a lot of terms regarding the financial aspects of the process. But, I told you that we are here to help, and will do so by presenting you with Allison Rebecca Penn’s article: “The Top Real Estate Investing Terms and Definitions Every Residential Property Investor Just Starting Out Needs to Know.” 

Penn’s entry, which can be found on the All Property Management website, gives a fairly comprehensive list of real estate terms, along with definitions, to help gain an understanding in what can sometimes be a hard-to-understand industry. 

To start increasing your knowledge on the real estate investment world, check out the full article and list of terms by clicking here