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"Should I Stay or Should I Go?" The Reasons Tenants Leave

When you own rental property, turnover is inevitable. As the blog title (made famous by The Clash) suggests, most tenants are faced with this decision on a yearly basis. With bad tenants, turnover can be a good thing; it allows fo... read more

New Approaches to Old Strip Malls: Part 1

New Approaches to Old Strip Malls: Part 1
After reading the opinion piece "Providing incentives to rehab old shopping centers" in the Newnan-Times Herald, I realized similar conversations are happening in Carrollton, Douglasville, Newnan, and throughout the West Georgia... read more

Tips on Pricing a Rental Unit

In a previous blog about getting your home rented quicker, I briefly mentioned setting an appropriate rent amount for your rental property. Today I wanted to expand on that, as pricing can be the difference between a quick rental... read more
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